TIERGARTEN is a territory of creative expression that draws its inspiration from the contemplation of our natural environment.

We like to think that contemplating is understanding and that better understanding is already a step towards more respect.

Nature is omnipresent in our approach: subjects, subjects and intentions all converge towards this reference. 

We devote particular attention to the design and realization of our productions, surrounding us with expert in all the fields that we approach. 

Inks in our time we use the best of digital technology that we couple with the excellence of the know-how of the best artisans.

The result are impressive objects of a modern, demanding and refined nature.


TIERGARTEN is a Paris-based digital art publisher and gallery that showcases quintessential forms. Its creation has opened up fresh vistas for its designers, giving them the freedom to explore new areas.

With this inaugural series of animal sculptures in wood and bronze, the designers set out to share their delight in nature and celebrate the beauty of living creatures. Beginning with a long phase of observation, they have studied the animals in depth so as to distil their essential characteristics into almost pictogrammatic representations. Together, the four sculptures make up a serene indoor garden of contemplation.

The sculptures are produced by an unusual process: first, digital templates of the figures are gradually whittled out using computer software, then the pieces are hand-made by decorative craftsmen. This guarantees that every piece is unique, true to the original design and respectful of the material it is made of.


The TIERGARTEN WOOD Editions of the sculptures are made from a European species of maple that grows near the workshop where the pieces are carved. Each animal figure is sculpted digitally then carved from this superb natural material by the skilled hands of a cabinet-maker. It takes several hours of painstaking work to bring each figure to life. 

In most cases, the surface of the maplewood is left unpolished and

unstained. The original colour and texture of this beautiful natural material ideally suit the pure, minimalist lines of the sculptures, which will gradually acquire a patina over time, as they interact with their environment. 

Where a stain is used, we make absolutely sure that it complies with Tiergarten’s strict environmental standards.


The TIERGARTEN ART Editions are limited series of bronzes.

Eight numbered bronze casts and four artist proofs are made of each sculpture. They are cast by Susse, one of the oldest and most reputed

bronze art foundries in Paris. 

Each bronze receives the devoted attention of Susse’s consummately skilled craftsmen at all stages of the process, from pouring the molten alloy to chasing the metal.

Finishes vary between subjects and castings, and range from a superfine traditional patina to a premium mirror finish.

The casts are individually numbered and signed so there can be no doubt that they are original works made exclusively in the Susse foundry.


TIERGARTEN Wood Edition sculptures are made out of solid wood. Each animal is carved from an individual piece of wood with a particular look and feel. So the grain, colour and even the surface texture vary naturally from one sculpture to another. Just as every living creature has its own distinctive features. 

These variations make each and every one of our works unique.

Before confirming your order, please note that differences in the appearance and texture of the wood from the illustrations on our website will not be accepted as a valid reason for return and refund. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at contact@tiergarten.co


The online art gallery and publisher TIERGARTEN was set up in 2014 by the Franco-German design duo Katja Liebig and Fred Fréty.

Liebig and Fréty met in Paris in 2002 while studying at the French design school ENSCI-Les Ateliers. After qualifying in 2003 and 2004 respectively, they embarked on solo careers in various fields of design including furniture, cosmetics and transport.

˝The idea of TIERGARTEN took a long time to come to fruition. We wanted to work on a creative project together and to express our delight in the wonders of nature, but we weren’t in a hurry, and this was a first foray into sculpture for both of us. We are thrilled to be opening our animal garden to visitors and unveiling this first series of works!˝


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